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A Farmhouse of Ancient Origins and Rural Roads ...
located at the door of the montgrí natural park medes and baix ter islands

A unique farmhouse with a lot of history

About us

My name is Laura, and together with my husband and our two daughters, we run this farmhouse, Catalan of the eighteenth century, of even older origins, belongs to the family since 1873, has been a shelter farmhouse in times of piracy in the territory, and during the civil war by some families. In more modern times it has been a farmhouse where the land was cultivated and we had dairy cows, as well as pigs, chickens, ... until this farmhouse is disused and close to 2004, we have the idea to transform it into a rural house where people can discover our territory, and above all feel at home.

Architecture and Restoration of the Mas

When we started the works, we were clear that we wanted to preserve its authentic spirit, we wanted to preserve as much as possible the original structure and elements to give life again to this unique space. The farmhouse has been restored respecting the native stone architecture, the ceilings and roofs, common rooms, the fireplace, as well as part of the furniture, preserving ornamental elements and utensils of farmers.

We have 7 rooms with their own personality at the same time, which have been adapted to the new times for comfort and convenience for a perfect stay. Together with "Can Met", a small apartment attached to the Mas, designed for families who want their independence, without renouncing the spirit of Mas Ramades.


The lobby, fireplace, leisure rooms, dining room, kitchen, ...

The farmhouse, all made of stone, has two floors, joined by an original stone staircase. On the ground floor, you will find the entrance hall, as well as the reception where you will find all the information about activities and visits in the area. At the other end of the hall, there is the fireplace and sofas designed as an area for reading or quiet conversation, A corner for your relaxation and recollection. Next to the lobby you will find the games room and TV. Board games for young and old, our magnificent pool table, and the large TV screen, we have at your disposal a collection of more than 50 movies for all ages, satellite or internet channels . Also on the lower floor we have the dining room, which overlooks the inner courtyard of the estate where breakfasts and arranged meals are served.

Attached to the dining room you will find our famous "Guest Kitchen", a huge kitchen very well equipped, with all utensils at your service and for your use, where there is nothing missing, pantry with shelves for your utensils and food, a barbecue, dishwasher, oven, microwave, fridge, freezer, coffee maker… ah, and a 5 meter long table, where you can eat them all. 

On the first floor we find the 7 fully equipped rooms, each with a complete bathroom, hair dryer, heating, towels, sheets, ceiling fans, air conditioning, flat screen TV, wardrobe, table, Wi-fi,… ideal for living -like home.



The patio, the swimming pool, the gardens, the barbecue, the playground, the orchards, corrals and ...

The exteriors are designed for young and old, with recreation areas and games for the little ones and with various areas for rest, relaxation or social gatherings for adults. Right in front of the main dining room, and on the south façade of the Mas, there is the inner courtyard, with the sofa area and tables where you can make your meals, vermouths or breakfasts. 

The pool at the end of the garden is salt water, ideal for cooling off in the summer months, surrounded by a rest area with green spaces, shadows and sun loungers with spectacular views of the plain, the sea and the Montgrí. 

In the garden we also have a magnificent barbecue at your disposal with the table area by the pool where you can have your picnics, lunches or dinners with all friends or family. Oh, and of course, outside for the little ones you will also find the area of ​​swings, the slide or the sandpit where you can play in the air.

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