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A unique farmhouse with a lot of history

at the entrance of the montgrí natural park, the medes islands and the lower ter

About us

Hello! My name is Laura, and with my husband and our two daughters, we carry Mas Ramades. This 1873th century Catalan farmhouse, of even older origins, has belonged to our family since XNUMX. 

Mas Ramades it has been a refugee farmhouse in the days of pirates, and so was it during the civil war. In more modern times, the land was cultivated and we had dairy cows, pigs, chickens… until it fell into disuse for a few years. 

Around 2004, we had the idea to transform it into a country house. And create a new refuge to unwind, relax, connect with nature and enjoy it all year round. Where anyone who wants can discover our territory, and above all, feel at home.

discovering a restored farmhouse

You will find that Mas Ramades It is a restored farmhouse that preserves the original local architecture, part of the furniture, ornamental elements and utensils of farmers that were used. 

You will find only 7 rooms with their own personality that we adapted to the new times, more comfortable, more comfortable, to make yours an ideal stay. The staircase that takes you there is the original one, which will tell you about what this farmhouse was like before renovating it. 

Right in front of the farmhouse we have what was an old barn now converted into an independent space, "Can Met". Designed for families who want their independence, without sacrificing the spirit of Mas Ramades. It has two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room and terrace.


spaces to relax and enjoy the farmhouse ...

On the ground floor you can enjoy a living room equipped with a fireplace, an ideal space to read, have a relaxed conversation or drink a glass of that wine that you kept to enjoy it in peace. ... 

You will also find an area with board games to share good times, and our dining room. 

The rooms are reached by an original stone staircase that can help you get an idea of ​​what the farmhouse was like in its origins.

a kitchen to share experiences ...

One of the most unique common areas is our kitchen for guests of Mas Ramades. It is a large kitchen, very well equipped, with all the utensils at your service and for your use. 

There is a pantry with shelves for your utensils and meals, dishwasher, oven, microwave, refrigerators, freezer, coffee maker… 

And a large table with enough space to be able to eat wide, comfortable and safe. And a magnificent fireplace - barbecue for your use. 

your rest ...

We only have 7 rooms and they are on the first floor. Each includes a bathroom with hairdryer, towels

They are clear rooms, with natural light and materials that will give you a feeling of warmth and well-being and will allow you to enjoy a good rest during your stay in our house.


relax and enjoy nature

The exteriors are designed for relaxation and to enjoy nature. Right in front of the main dining room, and on the south façade of the Mas, there is the inner courtyard, with the sofa area and tables where you can make your own meals, vermouths or enjoy breakfasts. 

The pool, at the end of the garden, is salt water, ideal for cooling off in the summer months, surrounded by a rest area with green spaces, shadows and sun loungers with spectacular views of the plain, the sea and the Montgrí. 

In the garden we also have a magnificent barbecue at your disposal with the table area by the pool where you can have your picnics, lunches or dinners with all friends or family.

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